Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

A bright future in a better world

As a company and community of individuals, we highly prioritise our dedication to forging a more promising future.

Our active engagement in a variety of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives exemplifies our commitment to guiding the industry toward a brighter tomorrow. The initiatives we are actively participating in encompass:


  • Energy Usage Optimization
  • Climate Change Mitigation Strategies
  • Sustainable Waste Management
  • Reduction of Carbon Footprint
  • Implementation of Zero-Defect Manufacturing Practices


  • Fair Compensation and Livable Wages
  • Promotion of Equal Employment Opportunities
  • Comprehensive Employee Benefits
  • Commitment to Workplace Health and Safety
  • Active Community Engagement
  • Establishment of Responsible Supply Chain Partnerships
  • Adherence to Labour Laws


  • Upholding Corporate Governance Standards
  • Robust Risk Management Practices
  • Adherence to Compliance and Regulation
  • Emphasis on Ethical Business Practices
  • Fostering Integrity and Transparency in Operations

The following documents support our work in the areas of Environment, Social and Governance.

United Nations Global Compact

Tindo is an active participant in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and has made a firm commitment to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe these goals are a roadmap to a better and more sustainable future for us all. They address global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

If you are a business or corporation looking to invest in Solar energy systems to support your own ESG and NetZero initiatives please contact our Commercial Solar Team.
Reconciliation: our connection to country and community

During the establishment of Tindo Solar, the founders were driven by a commitment to ensure that the profound connection to the Adelaide Plains was ingrained in the company’s essence.

With the gracious permission from the traditional custodians of the land, the Kaurna Warra people, they sought and obtained approval to use the name Tindo, meaning ‘Sun.’

Presently, we maintain the endorsement from the Kaurna people for the usage of the term Tindo, recognising the evolution of its spelling as the ancient language undergoes rediscovery. Our ongoing relationship with the indigenous people of this land is a testament to our dedication to fostering and preserving meaningful connections.

As we undergo expansion and deepen our connections, we continually deepen our understanding of the significance of our ties to country, culture, and people.

  • Reconciliation Action Plan – Reflect
    In 2023 our Management Team started a journey to commit to respecting and better understanding Aboriginal culture. This commitment is formalised in our RAP and helps guide how we, as an organisation, are able to identify and include opportunities to promote and support reconciliation in our workplace. Our aim through this process is to ensure our business and its operations always demonstrate respect and sincerity and we build strength in connection to the country and people.
  • Our RAP Artwork
    Collaborating with Eastern Arrernte Graphic Artist, Patrick Caruso on our RAP has been a privileged experience for the Tindo team. Pat’s breathtaking artwork, specifically commissioned to reflect our desire and determination to make a positive difference through our Reconciliation Journey.‘A New Day’ – The artwork represents the beginning of a new era for Tindo Solar. Along with a new brand, Tindo is looking at their position in reconciliation and how to include/adopt better practices in engaging with First Nations peoples.
A message from the artist

Tindo being the Kaurna word for ‘Sun’, I have created the artwork referencing The Sun Dreaming story about how the sun was created.

In the story there is reference to the Emu, Brolgas and how they battle and create the sun, but it is the Kookaburra who sings each morning to let people know that it is the new day and to witness the beautiful sunrise. I have represented this through the Kookaburra feathers to the left of the artwork, offering guidance and safety to Tindo who is positioned to the right of the wing.

You can see that Tindo Solar on their journey and business practices will pass on their new knowledge and commitment to reconciliation through their whole network. This is shown through the black pathways connecting different groups and businesses.

Across the top and bottom of the wing you will see collective brown patterns which represent the Australian terrain, in particular Kaurna Country as a nod to the company name. The three segments to the top right represent the people and pathways in and around Tindo. This can be the people that they service, and also the people who work within Tindo.

Below these people are long brush strokes representing the rivers and waterways of South Australia, in particular the River Torrens where the story of “tartanya’ takes place. Under the river streams, you will see vegetation and new roots of trees growing, which is representative of sustainability and new lift that generates along river streams in natural filtration processes. This connects Tindo Solar’s commitment to sustainable energy and ‘caring for country’ practices that play a daily role in their operations