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Manufacturing Differently: A Hub of Innovation and Quality

As Australia’s only solar manufacturer, Tindo is on a mission to make high-quality, locally-made solar panels accessible for all Australians. We have implemented numerous systems and processes that set our manufacturing facility apart.

  • High-Tech, Green, and Advanced Manufacturing Jobs
    Tindo has embraced advanced manufacturing and automation across its production line, ensuring accuracy and outputs second to none. Our facility uniquely combines technology with human skill and capacity, resulting in the creation of high-tech, green, and advanced manufacturing jobs right here on Australian soil. Our manufacturing plant is more than just a facility; it’s a commitment to fostering local talent and contributing to the growth of a sustainable and renewable manufacturing industry in Australia.
  • Rigorous Quality Control: A Tindo Distinction
    What sets Tindo Solar apart from other manufacturers is that every single panel is manufactured in Australia. Tindo maintains complete control over the manufacturing process. The result? Exacting quality control that translates into more reliable, durable solar panels. It’s not by chance that Tindo boasts an incredible 1 in 200,000 failure rate, compared to the industry average of 1 in 1,000. The secret lies in the 25 different quality control checkpoints that each panel goes through before leaving our factory.
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Crafting Excellence Down Under

Tindo’s solar manufacturing plant is proof of Australia’s commitment to sustainable energy. Also known as the Australian Center for Excellence in Photovoltaics (ACEPV), this facility is a hub of innovation and cutting-edge solar technology.

We invite anyone to come and tour our factory to see how our panels are made. Businesses and associates can tour our facility, getting up close to see how we take raw inputs and turn them into something spectacular.

Need to see it for yourself?
If you can’t get to Adelaide, we’ve got you covered with a virtual tour video here.

  • Zero defect Manufacturing – quality we stand by
    Our manufacturing ethos is built on a zero-defect principle. We believe that by testing our products at key points across the production line we are able to reduce the chance of issues once our products have been installed on rooftops across Australia. All Tindo Karra PV modules must pass multiple tests before being approved for sale. These tests include:
  • Visual Inspections – the human element
    Visual inspections by highly skilled Engineers and Technicians identify module defects such as bubbles, blisters, impurities, and junction box issues. By employing human skill to work alongside our technology and automated processes we can ensure nothing is left to chance. While they might sound minor, visual checks contribute significantly to the overall quality and reliability of our panels.
  • Electroluminescence Testing
    Wafer thin Solar cells, with their complex technology, can encounter numerous issues before and during the assembly process. At Tindo, we employ advanced Electroluminescence testing to identify micro-cracks and defects that are invisible to the naked eye. We dont believe in spot checks or batch testing, every single panel undergoes Electroluminescence Testing before it is approved for sale.
  • Flash Testing
    As part of our final manufacturing steps, each panel undergoes exposure to light from a xenon-filled arc lamp, replicating the closest possible approximation of the sun’s spectrum. This meticulous process involves connecting and testing every panel, with detailed test results recorded on our manufacturing log. Tindo’s flash testing procedure is a critical phase, ensuring that each solar module meets or exceeds minimum specifications. If a panel does not pass this rigorous test, it simply won’t be sold, underscoring our commitment to delivering top-quality and reliable solar products.
Sourcing the highest quality materials to make the best solar modules

Quality solar panels start with quality components, and Tindo is proud to be Australia’s only PV module manufacturer.

Let’s explore some of the hand-picked materials that make Tindo panels stand out:

  • 10 Busbar Technology
    The number of busbars matters, and Tindo knows it. More busbars mean shorter distances between them, resulting in lower internal resistance losses. This technology minimises the negative impact of potential micro-cracks, enhancing long-term reliability and energy conversion efficiency.
  • M10 Solar Cells
    M10 cells, the latest generation of large-format solar cells, offer a higher percentage of the module surface capable of power generation. This translates to more power for the same size module, making Tindo panels more price-competitive and reliable than other alternatives.
  • Anodised Aluminium Frames
    Tindo uses anodised aluminium frames for construction, ensuring quality, durability, and a timeless appearance. The frames are always square, with no sharp corners, reflecting our commitment to precision and aesthetics.
  • MC4-EVO 2 Staubli Connectors
    Upgrading our traditional MC4 connectors to MC4 EVO 2 Staubli connectors enhances the panels’ rating to 1500V, making them ideal for both commercial and residential applications. These connectors are resistant to UV, ammonia, salt mist spray, and boast a high IP rating (IP68).

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Your Trusted Solar
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Officially opened in 2011, Tindo Solar has grown to become a leader in Australia’s solar energy landscape. With over a decade of experience as a solar panel manufacturer, we bring knowledge, innovation, and technology to consistently deliver high-quality Australian-made solar panels. For an experience you can trust, look no further than Tindo Solar.

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