Australian Made Solar Panels - Karra Series

The perfect panel for any application

Tindo panels are designed by Australians for Australians to harness the potential of the Australian sun. Our commitment to excellence has been distilled into the 7th generation of panel, producing a reliable, long-lasting, tough that’s a testament to Australian craftsmanship. Tindo panels are the trusted name in residential and commercial solar solutions.

Tindo KARRA 7th Gen PV Modules

Tindo’s Karra 400-415W G2H and Karra 540-550W G2H modules stand as the inaugural creation from our purpose-built, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Renowned for exceptional build quality, remarkable durability, and outstanding performance, our panels have been independently tested and benchmarked against some of the world’s leading options. Opting for Tindo signifies a choice by customers seeking a solar energy solution for their homes or businesses that guarantees a lifetime of reliability.

  • A Trusted Investment:
    Inclusive 25-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty.
  • Cutting-Edge Module Technology:
    Tindo Karra integrates state-of-the-art cell separation and innovative wiring technology.
  • Cost-Efficient Electricity Generation:
    Higher yield per surface area, lower Balance of System (BOS) costs, higher power classes, and an efficiency rating of up to 21%.
  • All-Weather Technology:
    Optimal yields in any weather condition with excellent low-light and temperature resilience, coupled with high salt mist resistance.
  • Enduring High Performance:
    Long-term yield security ensured through Anti LID technology, Anti PID technology, hot spot protection, and traceable quality.
  • Multi Busbar Half-Cut Cell with PERC Technology:
    Laser-cut monocrystalline cells reduce internal resistance, delivering higher output, increased efficiency, and enhanced durability.
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